Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California     
Upcoming Events Overview



We meet every month, except August, alternating
general meetings with tours, trips or luncheons.  In July
 we have a New Member Tea (By invitation only)

General Meetings:  1 pm - 3:30 pm (approx. ending time) 
             on the third Thursday of:
                                                                                                       Board Meetings:
  11 am prior to General Meetings
                       (open to the membership)



16955 Bernardo Oaks Drive
San Diego, CA 92128

Parking Instructions

  The RB Swim and Tennis club is asking all groups to park only in the
  lower lot adjacent to the RB Presbyterian Church near the corner of
  Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road.
  In the southwest end
  of that lot (farthest from Pomerado) is a gate to the Swim & Tennis  
  Push the intercom button and you will be buzzed in. 
The walk
  from there is less than 1 block and involves going down a small hill.
Those who are being dropped off may use the main entrance lot off
  of Bernardo Oaks.

Tours/Trips & Luncheons:


     2014-2015 Meetings/Tours/Trips/Luncheons/

There will be a $5 fee for a non-member attendee for all events.  If a non-member attendee joins the day of an event,   
the $5 will be waived.  Membership dues are $25 per year.  To 
add a spouse or companion is an additional $10 per year.    


Save a stamp and bring your check made payable to Bernardo Gardeners Club to the May General Meeting in the amount of $25 ($10 additional for spouses)This is the last Meeting of our fiscal year. 


           UPCOMING FOR THE CLUB YEAR 2014-2015      

y 4th:      Palomar District's Floral Design Forum
                        Guest Speaker:  Gudrun Kimmel, NGC
                         Master Judge, Designer and Teacher   
                         Program:  Gudrun will bring the new look
                                             "Downward Thrust" or
                                             Cascading" and show how to use
                                             fruits and vegetables with your

                            Held at:    Shinoda Design Center
                                             7170 Miramar Road
                                             San Diego, CA  92121

                            Time:       12:30 - 2:30 (approx. end time)

                            Fees:        1.  $12/program for NGC/CGCI
                                             2.  $15/program - non-members
                            *Bernardo Gardeners Club members are                             members of CGCI.  Please see President
                            Sherry to receive a pass card for the dis-
                            count and to shop at Shinoda Design Center


        May 11th:      Bernardo Gardeners Club's
                                  Garden Therapy

                         Where:  Gateway Gardens
                                       12750 Gateway Park Road
                                       Poway - 858-451-9933

                         Time:  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

                         This is one of our most popular projects
                         for the residents and our members
                         alike.  To volunteer and learn more
                         about this fun activity, please contact

                         Judy Krupski, Chairlady


     May 21st:     Bernardo Gardeners Club Meeting
                           Election and Installation of our
                              2015-2016 Executive Board

                         Special Guest Speaker:  Bill Toone,
                         Executive Director of ECOLIFE Conserv-
                         ation (Ecolifeconservation.org)

                         Subject:  Monarch Butterflies 


Installation Program followed by Special
                            Guest Speaker, Bill Toone, where you will
                            learn about the Monarch Butterfly and his
                            ECOLIFE Conservation Organization.

                            Afterwards we are having a party to
                            celebrate the Installation of our new Board
                            and to thank the outgoing Board Members.

                            Plenty of time to socialize and enjoy the
                            delicious refreshments provided by our
                            members and displayed by our great
                            Hospitality team

   June 18th:    Outing to a note-worthy San Diego
                                       County Garden

                         We will Carpool - Details to come. 
                              Contact:  Diane Scharar


   June 29th:    Palomar District Summer Board Meeting

                         Host:   Master Gardener Assoc. of San Diego
                            Place:  Casa del Prado, off of Village Dr.
                                             in Balboa Park, San Diego

                            Time:   10 a.m. - Board Meeting

                            Lunch: $-TBA
                            For more information, contact Doris
ngberg by phone (in your Direectory) or


 Sept. 21-23:  Flower Show School - Course 1
                         Held:  Ecke House, San Diego
                                        Botanical Gardens
                                    230 Quail Gardens Drive
                                    Encinitas, CA  92024

                         Southwestern Judges' Council, Palomar
                          District, CGCI and NGC is proud to
Flower Show School, Course 1.
                          This unique program is to train those
                          interested in learning more about how
                          NGC sponsored shows operate as well
                          as featuring in-depth horticultural in-
                          formation.  In addition, the course will
                          train you to evaluate and eventually
                          create a wide range of recognized
                          floral designs. 

                          For cost and more information, please
                          go to:


    Dec. 10th:   Holiday Luncheon 2015 - Held at the                             Bernardo Heights Country Club
                                 Details to come

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