Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California     

CALIFORNIA ARBOR DAY TREE PLANTING - Each year members of our Club donate a tree to a nearby community.  April 2015 brought a beautiful Satsuma Mandarin tree to Chaparral Elementary School.  Maxine Schimmel - Chairlady.

              Horticultural Chair-Roy Wilburn; President-Sherry Rudrud
           and Civic Beautification Chair, Maxine Schimmel with donated
       Satsuma Tangerine tree at Chaparral Elem. School - April 24, 2015

GARDEN THERAPY WORKSHOP - On October 12th, the Garden Therapy group kicked off a new season of projects at the Gateway Gardens Care Facility when 18 residents joined our volunteers to make arrangements using clay pots filled with oasis, moss, cattails, eucalyptus, wheat, and small scarecrows on sticks. It was great fun and put a smile on everyone's face.  


                                     Photo courtesy of Maureen Hons

November meeting focused on arrangements using moss, succulents, and pumpkins. Glue secured the moss and succulent cuttings. These arrangements were a nice reminder of how much our country has been blessed--let's all give thanks!                                                             


                                    Photo courtesy of Maureen Hons

Need ideas for feeding birds?

Try these tricks from the January Garden Therapy Workshop at the Gateway Gardens Care Facility:

--Make a loop at one end of chenille wire and string Cheerios until full. Bend back the other end, and you have an easily-made bird feeder.

--Tie string onto the top of a pinecone. Spread peanut butter all over the pinecone, and then roll it in bird seed.

In February, the Garden Therapy Group used Coke glasses that were wider on the top
than the bottom, and inserted pieces of wet Oasis foam into the top of each glass.
Cream-colored roses tipped with pink were then inserted into the foam. To cover the
Oasis, small cuttings of leaves from a camellia bush were added to the bottom of the


                                    Photo courtesy of Maureen Hons

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and the Garden Therapy Group stuck with a green theme for the March event. Clear glass vases were filled with green mums and leaf cuttings from trees and bushes. For an accent color, white flowers were added. Pieces of white and green ribbons were tied around the neck of the vases. To complete the arrangement, green foam shamrock stickers were affixed to the outside of the vases. Green mums are a favorite because of their unusual color and their long life as a cut flower.


                                      Photo courtesy of Maureen Hons

The Garden Therapy group meets on the second Monday of each month through May.
Workshop times are 10:30 to 11:30 AM.  Our committee, comprised of Jan Cox,Teresa Fidler, Kathy Hansen, Maureen Hons, Cindy Jeffreys, Sue Mansour, Sharon Reynolds, and chairlady Judy Krupski have planned projects using succulents, dried plants, pumpkins, pine cones, and various other materials. We have a great time working with the residents and find the experience both enjoyable and rewarding.
For more information, please contact Judy Krupski

HORTICULTURAL TABLE - Members share information, ideas and recommendations about various methods of plant management at General Meetings.  Our members routinely bring in clippings to share with others and our Roy is very generous with
vegetables growing in soil ready to be planted in your garden.
Contact Roy Wilburn for any questions or to volunteer.

PENNY PINES - Our members and guests participate in this worthy reforestation project through the California Garden Clubs, Inc. by donating money at our monthly meetings.  Donations, in increments of $68, will purchase one plantation.  Each plantation consists of approximately 350 trees on a little less than one acre.  Our donations in conjunction with Federal funds are used to replant burned trees (native to the area) or repair damaged forests in the Cleveland National Forest, which is east of San Diego.  We all remember the devastation that area suffered during the 2003 and 2007 fires.   As of June 2013 our club has purchased approximately 80 plantations. In June of 2014 our club purchased 4 plantations - that is approximately 1400 trees!  The Cleveland National Forest Center sent our Treasurer, Ginny Dobias, certificates in appreciation.  Way to go Bernardo Gardeners!  For more information, go to the Penny Pines Website.  Honor someone or an event by making a contribution.  Please contact Jeanne Green for more information.

The ladies were at it again creating and working hard on two gardens: The Children's Garden and the garden you see to your left as you walk into the Rancho Bernardo Library.  Thank you to Diane Scharar and Linda Freithaler who are currently maintaining the gardens. 

                       RB Library entrance         

                                                                                          Children's Library

RANCHO BERNARDO LIBRARY FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS - Every week a beautiful arrangement is donated to this special library by our members.  For over 17 years, this project has been expertly and lovingly overseen by Maxine Schimmel.  Please contact her to volunteer your inspired centerpiece.  To volunteer, please email Maxine Schimmel, Chairlady.


We offer funds raised to benefit a Scholarship/Internship Program usually in Horticulture studies.  Recently in Spring of 2015 we gave a student at Cal Poly a $1,000 Scholarship for continuing his studies in Landscape Architecture.   Contact: Sharon Swildens - Chairlady. 





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