Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California     

Completed Events 2011-12

    Completed Meetings/Tours/Trips/Workshops
                   All Thoroughly Enjoyed!

September 12:  
Garden Therapy - 10:30 am.  This was the first 
bi-monthly project held at Gateway Gardens Assist-
                            ed li
ving which starts in September and will end in
                            May always on the second Monday of each month. 
                            Each bi-monthly activity is a new project.
Virginia Esmond

September 15:   General Meeting Janet Wanerka - 
The Japanese art of formal flower arrangement
                            with regard to balance).  Click
Photo Gallery 2 to
iew the photos from this 
meeting & click on to
                            Janet's picture in the square box.

     October 03:   Floral Design Forum - Palomar District
                            Subject: Hidden Containers
 - Carvill Veech
                            This Forum meets on the first Monday October
                            thru May at the new location of the Joslyn
                            Senior Center at 213 E. Park Ave, Escondido. 
                            Single session costs $12 (District Garden Club
                            member), $15 (non-member) and season
                            subscription is $70.  For more information,     
                            please phone Marcia Townsend at 760-749-4976
                            or email her at 
October 06:   Succulent Bowl Workshop -
Diane Scharar    
                            Click this link: 
Photo Gallery 2 to view the photos
                            from this workshop & click on to the opening picture
                            in the square box

      October 20:   Trip/Tour/Luncheon - Tour to beautiful
Seabreeze Organic Farms
                                          Click this link: Photo Gallery 2 to view the photos.
                            Click the opening picture in the Seabreeze Album
                            and you are on your way to view either the slide-
                            show (full screen option, too) or the filmstrip 
version where you can read all the captions. Enjoy!

      October 27:   Art in the Garden - 1 pm to 3 pm
                            Diane Scharar
nvited 10 garden club members to
 in her
garden to draw and paint “en plein air”.
were plenty of tables and chairs. Painters 
                            were asked to bring an easel and their su
Diane for any information on this event. 

November 07:   Floral Design Forum - Palomar District
Susan Butler, AFID, Teacher at
                            Cuyamaca College.  See October's write-up for
                            location and cost.  

 November 10:   René van Rems (A Tri-Club Event)
                            Click this link: 
Photo Gallery 2 to view the photos
                            from this very special event.  The first photo should
                            be the promotional flyer.  If you see a photo of
                            Rene (from the day of the event), use the back-
                            space arrow to go back to the flyer.

 November 14:  
Garden Therapy
 - 10:30 am.  This is the second 
bi-monthly project held at Gateway Gardens Assist- 
Living.  Holiday Cacti and the differences
                            between the Thanksgiving and Christmas plant
                            were discussed.  
Click HERE to see pictures from
                            this therapy session submitted by Virginia. Each 
                            bi-monthly activity is a new project. 
Virginia Esmond

 November 17:   General Meeting
- Marilyn Guidroz -
riendly Lawn
                            Click this link: 
Photo Gallery 2 to view the photos
                            from Marilyn's presentation, the honoring of our
                            club's Past & Present Presidents celebration and our
                            Board Meeting.  Marilyn, owner of Marilyn's Garden
                            Design, is an expert on working with nature.  Email
                            her at
                            For more information or go to her website at:

  December 01:   Happy Holiday Luncheon & Program 
                                                             11 to 3 pm
                             Bernardo Heights Country Club, Vista Room, R.B.
                                         Click Photo Gallery 2 to view the photos from a
                             most fun and delightful event for which Phyllis
                             Sullivan and Nancy McNabb along with their
                             committee deserve a big thank you!   

  December 05:   Floral Design Forum - Palomar District  
                             (First Monday of months - October - May)
Guest Speaker: Gudy Kimmel-Christmas Program
                                   For information and location, scroll up to October's
                             Floral Design Forum.
      January 09:   Floral Design Forum - Palomar District 
                                   Subject:  Flower Power.  Due to New Year's
                             Holiday, this will be held on the 2nd Monday of
                             January.  For information and location, scroll up to
                             October's Floral Design Forum.

      January 09:   Garden Therapy - 10:30 am - This is the 3rd
bi-monthly project held at Gateway Gardens
Living. Subject: Lavender.
                             Residents learned how l
avender is harvested,
                             dried, cleaned and 
is a proven moth repellent.  BGC
                             members helped them put a bag of lavender buds
                             into their individual organza & muslin sachet bags.
                             Keys Creek Lavender Farm (possible future trip/
                             tour) graciously supplied us with their beautiful
                             cards, dried lavender, bags of lavender buds and
                             the sachet bags.  Many thanks to Veleta, Shirley,
                             Judy, and Virginia!  We continue to get many
                             residents participating in these activities! 
ontact:  Virginia Esmond      

      January 19:
General Meeting - Connie Beck - Holistic
            Gardens; Subject:  Existing w/the local
                              Flora & Fauna. 

                              Thank you to Connie for explaining organic garden-
                              ing, proper ways to combat rodent problems, 
                              differences in soil additives and much, much more
                              with a great sense of humor.  Congratulations to
                              BGC and to Maxine Schimmel for 15 years of
                              providing floral arrangements to the RB Library.
                              President Liliane read several Thank-You letters
                              from the Library staff and other letters of
                              appreciation.  Thank you to all the volunteers! 
                              As always, the hospitality committee did a superb
                              job in offering delectables after the meeting. 
                              Thank you ladies!
                              Click this link: 
Photo Gallery 2 to view photos. 

     February 06:   Floral Design Forum - District Program-  

     February 16:  
Kimberly Crest House & Gardens  Tour
The clouds gave way to a crisp, clear day for a
                              wonderful tour of this incredible estate.           
                              Approximately 41 of 
our club
 members and guests
                              enjoyed a docent-lead tour & gift shop opportuni-
                              ties after a lovely breakfast/lunch at Martha
                              Greens "The Eating Room" nearby.  The bus ride
                              was a lot of fun and provided great views including
                              snow on the mountains.  Our Queen of Tours,
                              Clo Massad, had yummy treats for us.  Please click
                              Photo Gallery 2 to view the photo.

     February 23:   Garden Mosaics - 
Liliane Dickinson
                              Don't miss this fun, creative and well-instructed
               &            2 day, 2 hours per day workshop given by Liliane,
our President.  Check Calendar of Events for
     February 24:  
more information

                              FLASH:   The above event has been cancelled
                                    due to the passing of Liliane's mother - but it
                                    will be rescheduled.  

          March 05:   Floral Design Forum -  Palomar District
                            Subject:  NGC Designs.  
                              For more information, scroll up to October's Floral
                              Design Forum              

          March 12:   Garden Therapy - 10:30 am - This was the
                              fourth bi-monthly project held at Gateway 
                              Assisted Living.  Subject:  Veleta demonstrated
                              the planting of a color bowl and Virginia a terrar-
                              ium. Contact  
Virginia Esmond

         March 15:    General Meeting - Francie Spears 
"The Bat Lady"
                                              featuring Ollie
                              Francie was a fabulous guest speaker bringing
                              her energy, upbeat personality and knowledge to
                              our club.  Having a zest for teaching, Francie gave
                              us a great deal of information on bats & provided
                              a real bat, named Ollie, who was well-behaved
                              and entertaining.  We also heard Leah Winetz,
                              Assistant Coordinator for the Paul Ecke Jr. Flower
                              & Garden Show's San Diego Fair event. 
The hos-
                              pitality ladies did a great job presenting a St.
                              Paddy's day table scape at the refreshment table
                              with a plethora of delectable delights!  Click
Photo Gallery 2 to view photos.

            April 02:   Floral Design Forum - Palomar District

            April 19:  
 The 2012 Annual Spring Garden Tour 
                              Perfect weather, beautiful gardens and a well-run
                              garden tour was the setting for this Bernardo
                              Gardeners Club Tour of five homes. The communities
                              of Oaks North, Seven Oaks, Greens East, and
                              Westwood were represented.  The hospitality gals
                              were delightful, a plethora of refreshments were
                              served and plants were offered for sale.  Kudos to
                              Janet Beck and her many volunteers for a spec-
                              tacular day. 

                              PHOTOS ARE READY FOR VIEWING.  Click
                              Photo Gallery 2. 
               May 7:    Floral Design Forum - District Program -
Guest Speaker:  Sandy Williams.  Starts
m & ends approx. 3:00 pm.  For more inform-
ation contact Marcia Townsend at: 

             May 14:
Garden Therapy - 10:30 am -
                              This was the 5th & f
bi-monthly project for the
                              year held at Gateway Gardens Assisted 
                              Project:  The residents arranged mixed flowers,
                              fillers & Oasis in terracotta pots.  There were 
                              approx. 20 participants. Contact Virginia Esmond

  May 14:   Special European Tour - RSVP's closed
                                             Contact Clo Massad for more information.

             May 17:   General Meeting - Eric Robinson 
What Is Going On With Bees!
Regrettably, this guest speaker was
                              unable to attend

           June 21:    Installation Luncheon for our 2012-2013 
                              Executive Officers and honoring a very special
                              birthday for a great lady, Jane P.

                              PHOTOS ARE READY FOR VIEWING.  Click
Photo Gallery 2. 



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